What is DHA ?

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient that reacts with the surface skin cells, causing it to have darkening effect.

We only use a natural DHA, unlike chemical DHA’s, which can be found in some tanning products. They can leave the skin with that “fake tan odour”, and the following day, having the apprearance of snake skin.

Are your products vegan friendly and cruelty free?

100% tested on humans….

How do I prepare my skin for tanning products?

Exfoliation is the key to a smooth and streak free tan, and some skins are drier than others, so if you follow the below tips, your tan will simply look incredible.

Either use an exfoliating mitt, or a body scrub, at least 24 hours prior to tanning, to remove any dry and flaky skin, paying extra attention to knees, heels, or extra dry areas.

Ensure your skin is clean and free of lotions and deodorants.

When showering, make sure your shower gel/soaps are free of Sulphates (SLS), and thoroughly rinse, DHA does not mix well with sulphates, and you will end up with green skin !!

Because Tantrixx Mousse has been blended with 3 incredible oils to nourish and hydrate the skin, there is no need to moisturise prior.

If you are needing to wax, this must be done, minimum 48 hours before, the last thing you want are 1000s of little brown dots all over your skin

Happy Tanning

Can I use self tanning products on my face?

Yes, but like any new product that is to be used on the skin, we suggest a patch test.

Not tanning your face is like leaving home without your clothes.

Preparation is the key, and like your body, exfoliation is a must, so your skin is silky smooth.

Cleanse thoroughly, then rinse in cold water to help close your pores, plus to remove any residue of the cleanser.

Use left over tan on your mitt, that you have used on your body, or use the SMALLEST amount, as over tanning your face is not the look you would want.

As most of us now use active skin care, you will find that the tan on the face, simply wont last as long but that’s ok, you can always top up during the week.

How do I maintain my tan?

SLS/ SUPLHATES simply do not mix well with the active ingredient, DHA, in any tan, and even though a tan has developed, using shower products or lotions, containing SLS, will still break down your tan, leaving it looking patchy.

It is so important to moisturise your skin daily, to prevent it drying out, and a simple sorbelene cream, or any sls free products will work perfectly.

Do not use oils, as this will also create a quick break down of your tan

Will swimming or sauna ruin my tan?

Chlorine and hot water and self tanning products are not best friends.  It will fade and break down very quickly and become patchy. If you do swim, shower immediately to rinse the chemicals from the skin.

Will my tan turn orange?

Our formula is a blend of both a chocolate and green base. This will ensure the skin will not turn orange, and works with the natural prigment in most skin tones to create a flawless depth of colour that you can create, from sunkissed to deep and divine depth of colour

How long will it take for my tan to develop?

Tantrixx Self Tan Mousse has been created so you can create your own desired depth.  We have created 2 colours, Dark and Ultra Dark

Dark is amazing for fair skins, or if you are wanting something a little more subtle.

Ultra Dark is for medium to darker skin tones wanting a deep rich colour.

1-2 hours = light tan

2-4 hours = Medium Tan

4 – 6+ hours = Deep tan

Can I sleep in my tan?

Yes you can. It simply means you will obtain the maximum development time, if you don’t have time to leave it on during the day.

Even though our Tans have been created with MINIMAL sheet transfer, you could always simply use some old sheets.

How long will my tan last?

7 to 10 days, but every skin is different, and it also depends on the types of activities you do. Ensure you exfoliate, prior, and hydrate daily using an SLS free body lotion.

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